New saddle Paul Van Dyke 2011



My criteria for a good saddle is #1 It has got to fit the horse and be comfortable for the horse, something that can be on him all day. #2 It has got to be comfortable for the rider and fit, something that I can ride all day long and enjoy the ride. #3 It has to be able to hold up to the work, wear and tear. It will show the effects of use but even after years of use, it has lots more years of use left in it. It should be pleasing to look at, the lines of the saddle should blend nicely together. Also I want my saddle functional, strong enough to rope big cattle and get the job done. 



Picture is of Betty's new saddle made by Paul Van Dyke 2009.







I really like this saddle, it weights appox.26 lbs. So many of the modern
horses are so wide in the shoulder area. This saddle is slightly wider in
the front and fits without pinching the horse. This past year there were
two horses that the riders were having problems with because of the saddle
hurting the horse. They used this saddle and were amazed at the positive
change in their horses. So much so that they order a saddle with this tree
in it for their horses from Paul. They are very satisfied with the results. I feel
comfortable roping everything but large bulls with it. This is a calf that
was missed during spring branding. At this time she weighted 450#.
Fire danger high so I used the electric iron rather than use a fire.





Paul Van Dyke saddle maker Sheridan Wyoming. Phone # 307 673-5783  He makes an beautiful nice fitting saddle. If you happen to be a trail rider looking for a saddle, Paul also makes a striped down saddle that would give a great ride and weight in appox. 20lbs.








Tom's # is 719-372-9399. Why don't you order a custom made hat. Will look good with new saddle.