Over the years I have had people call about every year and talk about learning how to rope. If they made the commitment to come and learn how to rope correctly, it is amazing how fast they progressed. Others are still talking about coming just about every year and they never made the commitment. They still don't know how to rope. If you you want to learn how to rope I can and will help you accomplish this feat.
Bob King


        Practicing over hand head loop using 9.5mm poly rope very soft lay.

Dick Overtuf living a dream roping with his Charro friends in
Mexico. Dick started ranch roping a few years ago and is enjoying
his retirement from the Navy. Enjoy the moment.



 Andy running rope on the saddle horn. Using xxx soft 5/16 rope
made by King's Rope, Sheridan, Wyoming.

  Reata with a nice heel trap




 Over hand head shot

Phil using breakaway honda


  Rick learning how to tie the top two legs together with a short tie rope

  Bob teaching Bart about the branding iron

  Bart applying the hot iron

 Bob using the 60' rope and the short tie rope to restrain a yearling

Jeff doctoring bad eye, Terry on the heels.

 Bob and Banjo branding a slick. Grass too dry to use
an open fire, so I used the  Electric iron on this one.

 Dan has been cutting strings to braid a reata.