Ernie wanted to learn how to lay horses down, I am helping him here with JB.

Ernie rubbing and petting on JB

If you do this right, it really gets into the inner workings of the horse.


Ernie laying Two Tall down

Ernie getting Too Tall use to having his hind feet handled.


This is a mustang out of North Dakota, still a stud, the owners were unable to catch and work with him. Here I have rope his rear and letting him get a custom to the rope.

Houlihan loop on the head. This little guy didn't think much of the human. He would bite, kick, strike, just the self preservation coming through. Hurts just the same when they connect. The people that bought these horses were pretty green and had a whole lot more that they were equipped to handle. By the time we were finished these horses turned out ok.




                              First time that he had ever been restrained. Working on getting the hind to roll over.



                             Again you can see the brace through his whole body.


                             You can see the brace in the left hind leg. Would like his rear to roll to the right.


                              Here Smokie is exploring his options. Going over the round pen isn't going to work.


                             Here is a slight try on his part.


                              Big change has taken place.


                             Working him horseback to help free up his mind and body.


                              Helping Smokies hind quarters to roll to the left.


                              Have been leading him by his front leg, and you can see changes in him.



                               Getting Smokie used to being touch around his hind legs.


                                We can all use a little gentle rub now and then.



                              Have him saddled and putting the rope around the cantle of the saddle and freeing up
                              his rear.


                               He has let down and is enjoying being rubbed and petted.


                               Getting him good about picking me up off of the fence. Helps him get use to me above.


                               Getting him use to the flag, helping him lead better, and preparing him to be ridden.
                               Also getting him ready for his date with the Vet.