I  really like this bosal made by Rob


The one in the center was made by Dan. Very soft, horses like it.
The one on the right made by Vince Donley, Sheridan, Wy. I've
used it a bunch.

 My two rein hackamores, and bosalita

 I have been using these shapers for a couple of years now.  I sure like them a lot more than a block of wood or a can of soup. They work great.








                                                                working on Amigo's turns in the hackamore





                                                                        Dan's rawhide braiding


                                                                     Rawhide reata braided by Dan. Dan's reata's have a
                                              good feel to them and they are made for the working cowboy.


Andy double hocking the calf riding Quigley in the hackamore