Dave, Bob, and Tom
photo by jolen@avalonphotoinfo.com




photo by jolen@avalonphotoinfo.com




TA Ranch Crew, Spring of 2011
Bob, Bryan, Laura, and Glynna

Laura and Travis the ropers


Laura holding one at the fire


Glynna's first calf to the fire


Bryan's first calf to the fire.



Bryan & Hunter


Mark and Moon Working out of the Rodear


Cheryl and Sugar rodear work


looking to the West towards the main gate


Signs of Spring showing up in Wyoming, Big Horns Mountains.
Looking across the horse pasture.




Arizona Sunset





Phil taking over from Shelby with Cee Cee.



Bob working with Joni. She was touchy and scared.

It been a year since we worked with Joni, but I feel that some
of you might be interested in what happened to this trouble
mare.  The trainer had notified the owner that the mare would
need eleven more months of training before the mare would be
ride able. This was a rescue horse and the owner did not have
$7,700 dollars to put into this mare. At the time I was asked
come and work with the horse, the trainer was not riding the
mare. I worked the mare like Buck, Ray and Tom have taught
me. After our work the owner rode the mare and the trainer
rode her a few times. Through the owners jumping horse
trainer in Tucson, Joni was sold to a teenage rider and she
continued to ride the Joni under his instruction. At present
Joni is in Germany with her teenage owner and doing great.

Working to free up Joni's feet, jaw, atlas and neck.

Phil is part of the story with Joni. He came back to increase his
colt starting abilities and he starts colts for people in England.
In the last email I got from Phil, he has six colts to start this spring.

One of Karen's Western Quilts.