This is one of my favorite photo's branding time in the spring
cold wet but loving every minute of it. Dan Moyer is the rider.




Peggy bring one to the fire

Bob laying a horse down

Mark on the head Bryan on the heels

Hanna working cattle

Nancy, always a pleasure to work with


Holly working a hind foot with the rope


Holly bending her horse

Bob doing some sorting, the cut has been made

Mark making his cut. Nan in the background

Cheryl wearing her favorite color


Tom and Bob enjoying the branding


Rob tying one down, Monte watching

Rob, Cheryl, Shelly and Bob


Putting the front feet in the loop


Shelly learning how to take one down by herself
Bob instructing


Alice enjoying the roping

Bob using the rope to get one to bend and free up

Same horse learning to move feet with out bucking


leading one by the feet

Mark and Bob freeing up Teresa's mare hind quarters

Star learning to make transitions, rope in the flank

Cheryl helping her mustang

Brenda getting her mare better

Teresa disengaging her Morgan mare

Cheryl putting a nice ride on her colt

Shelby loping Looker

Getting a foundation on Star

Shelby and Looker


Stephanie and Pistol

   Ray and Roany
Lots of fond memories


   Horses running  in the horse pasture.  I really like the color in this picture. Horse pasture Arvada Wyoming